Meeting Point

기간: 2015. 11. 10일(화) – 11. 30(월) 
장소: 워싱턴 한국문화원
주최, 주관: 워싱턴 한국문화원

큐레이터: 이승아, 최원정

참여작가: 최원정, 이승아, 오종현, 윤보현, 정지필, 최선, Amanda Lechner, Jon Rajkovich, Ben Stout 

Meeting Point

Periods: 10 – 30 November 2015
Venue: Korean Cultural Center, Washington D.C., USA
Organised by Korean Cultural Center, Washington

Curator: Seungah Lee, Wonjung Choi

Participating Artists: Wonjung Choi, Seungah Lee, Jong Oh, Bohyun Yoon, Jiphil Jung, Sun Choi, Amanda Lechner, Jon Rajkovich, Ben Stout 

The theme of “Meeting Point,” at the Korean Cultural Center, to oversimplify the catalogue’s statement, is “interconnection.” Yet some of the most striking entries in this nine-artist show express starkness or isolation. JiPil Jung’s stern photographs literally spotlight inebriated men alone on the street, passed out or in groggy crouches. Jong Oh uses string, pencil and hanging Plexiglas to draw in midair a form that’s mostly but not entirely illusory; the elegant piece defines space while barely occupying it. Other participants are more whimsical. Amanda Lechner revives an oldfashioned medium — egg tempera on wooden panel — to portray scientific experimentation and discovery, mingled with fiction. WonJung Choi fuses bits of intricate metalwork, including antique silverware, into what she calls “hybrid fish.” Under glass, the oddly evolved specimens symbolize the Seoul-born artist’s adaptation to U.S. culture. The most social piece is Bohyun Yoon’s video of people in a sort of dance behind movable mirrored panels with ovals cut out to display their heads.(One such panel is on display.) Shot from inside, above and behind, the video suggests a portable funhouse. As the people move, their heads seem to float, and various bodies reflect on the surfaces. Yet while their images overlap, the dancers remain behind the mirrors and never truly connect.