Negentropic Fields

Dates: 04 December 2020 – 05 February 2021
Venue: City Wing, Level B1, Auditorium Anteroom, National Gallery Singapore

Participated as a Guest Curator, Seungah Lee with an Artist, Anna Kim

Negentropic Fields

INFO is a process-based online digital platform for the curation and collective manipulation of digital blocks-components-artefacts-objects. INFO is a prototype that tests archival possibilities in the context of emerging digital modes of artistic expressions and forms of being. The current paradigm shift exposes the necessity to imagine new emancipatory practices for non-physical forms of creation, mediation, and exposure; for the navigation and manipulation of abstract materials. 

Within the platform, Negentropic Fields was developed as the pilot project that focuses on the work of five selected artists with responses and engagements from five international artist and curatorial teams. The project utilises the platform’s collaborative spaces;, at the same time it expands at the National Gallery Singapore, where the five selected art-concepts are reconstructed and presented as explorable virtual environments. 

At the physical location at the Gallery*, various media from the selection of artists and international responders are displayed through projections and through a multi-level digital environment that is, explorable for the audience via an avatar controlled via motion-capture. The interactive virtual space is the apex of the experiment that tests modes of “translations”: the moulding of the artists’ ideas and their casting into digital topologies, operations that require permutations between effects and concepts, instantiations that do not celebrate either the phenomenon or the formalism behind it, but attempts to graft in a non-trivial manner the latter and the former into each other. 

Andreas Schlegel 
Bani Haykal 
Debbie Ding 
Ong Kian Peng 
Zai Tang 

altermodernists (HK) [Curator: Elaine Wong + Artist: Jeff Leung] 
Interdisciplinary Art Festival Tokyo (JP) [Curator: Sung Nam Han + Artist: Shuhei Nishiyama] 
tamtamART (TW) [Curators: Wen-Chi Wang, Wei-Ming Ho & Yun-Ting Hung + Artists: Tsan-Cheng Wu, Chih-Ming Fan, Lien-Cheng Wang, Hsien-Yu Cheng, Ya-Wen Fu, Chao-Hao Liao, Chih-Hung Chen, David Rodríguez Gimeno & Nao Nishihara] 
Urban Art Lab in Seoul (KR) [Curator: Seungah Lee + Artist: Anna Kim
Tropical Futures Institute (PH) [Curator: Chris Fussner + Artists: MORAKANA, Tiri Kananuruk & Sebastián Morales] 

Co-curated by INTER–MISSION and formAxioms.